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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Dong-woo Nam
Design Type: dehumidifier
Company / Organization / School: Hanyang University
Team Members: Dong-woo Nam, Jae-eon Lee & Han-sol Lee

"The Clamier" is the dehumidifier to be used in the bathroom. This is ideal product for the moistful bathroom. Unlike the existing dehumidifiers, this product has no separate tank and instead the absorbed water goes to the toilet's water tank then can be recycled for flushing device. The concept of our product is clam. When clams are eating their meal, they only eat the nutrients in the water and exhale the water again. Like, "The Clamier" only absorb moisture from the air. The Moisture goes in to the toilet water tank, then is recycled. By combining the toilet and a dehumidifier, make the moisture stored in the dehumidifier goes in to the toilet. In virtue of this, it eliminates the need to throw away the water and even it results in saving water as the water is stored in the toilet instead of being thrown away.