2015 Galleries

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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Benjamin Alpers
Design Type: student/concept
Company / Organization / School: Stanford University
Website: http://benalpers.com

Curator is a mobile app that aims to prevent distracted driving and foster better communication. This SMS messenger can be downloaded by Android users to replace their native messaging app. Curator shows a status for each of their contacts, and when selected, provides smart communication options based on that status. If a contact is driving, they have the option to send a delayed message that will be received when the contact stops driving. Or, they can choose the smart option to call the driver, which is much less dangerous than texting. The basic functionality could be extended to more statuses – busy in a meeting, sleeping, location data – and more smart communication options – tweet them, send photo, leave voice message, etc. These statuses could be via manual entry in a phone widget or via allowed phone data like location and accelerometer. This framework is a way to help users know the best way to get in touch with each other, through keeping both safety and speed in mind. Curator is a simple solution that could empower many to communicate efficiently and informedly.