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Galleries // 2016 Spark:Fall Product // Philips Gardco SoftView LED parking garage luminaires

Philips Gardco SoftView LED parking garage luminaires

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Fall Product
Designer: Philips Lighting Design Team
Design Type: luminaire
Company / Organization / School: Philips Lighting

When garages are constantly lit to maintain a sense of security for patrons, maintenance and operating costs can become expensive. Patrons should enjoy peace of mind as they leave their vehicles unattended, drive, and move about in a parking garage. This parking garage luminaire uses indirect illumination and up-light to reduce glare and eliminate the cave effect so that patrons can feel comfortably secure. This illumination is created with edge-lit technology, where LED light is transmitted through the edge of a light wave guide panel. This creates efficient and controlled uniform indirect illumination that increases visual comfort without compromising performance or exposing viewers to harsh glare. With a certain percentage of up-light harvested from this light guide panel and passed through the transparent upper housing to be directed up at the ceiling, the luminaires increase a feeling of openness in the space, without the gloomy “cave effect” that may make garage users feel unsafe.