2016 Galleries

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Galleries // 2016 Spark:Space // KCI. Group Headquarters Offices

KCI. Group Headquarters Offices

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Keng-Fu Lo
Design Type: Office Architecture Space
Company / Organization / School: Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

The building is near the road. The green area is located at the retracted part below the building, and the floating concrete blocks the noisy and the glare from cars. It not only decreases the interruption from external environment, but also creates the private view and sense of security. After human disturbance is excluded, the exposed concrete above leads the modest daylight in. A comfortable light source can be provided indoor at day. The planted vegetation in the wall can provide interior view and generate fragrance to whole room when Osmanthus is blown by cold breeze at night. A platform built at the entrance as a buffer provides emotional transition for visitors to feel stability. The 2F balcony above the platform is a living area for internal employees. It can provide opportunities to have interaction with the 1F. The 2F has a sofa area for maintaining employees’ relationship. A lot of wooden materials are used to soften the blunt stereotype of office, make users feel relaxing and self-belonging, moreover, it brings everyone together. A logwood growing up from the 1F, outside the CEO's office unfolds the leaves gracefully, in front of the black tongue-and-groove plate to vibrant the dark alley.