2016 Galleries

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Galleries // 2016 Spark:Space // Grace Assembly of God Church

Grace Assembly of God Church

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Melvyn Law - Director
Design Type: Lighting Design
Company / Organization / School: Limelight Atelier
Website: http://www.limelightatelier.com
Team Members: Nurul Wardani

The design objective for the Grace Assembly of God church, was to create an experiential, highly efficient and sensitive lighting scheme that is appropriate in the context of a place for worship. The concept was inspired by a pair of welcoming hand, as imagined for the arching feature wall, Limelight atelier came out with an “exuding from within” sustainable scheme, staging its functionality as a beacon of light, achieving a “one design technique multi usage” intent. At the atrium, uniform illumination directs to the arching walls, that celebrates its curvilinear form, depth of the material and engraving representations. Variation of beam angles selected for the efficient luminaires, are concealed above the roof that beams down white light through the circular skylights, for a moonlight effect. With the challenge of accessibility to the quadrupled height space. We responded by having the auxiliaries of the dual rows of LED wall washers routed, and housed on the roof deck for ease of maintenance. Within the main sanctuary, users experience the blue sky from the blue and white illumination that are concealed in between the rows of acoustic baffles, reminiscence back centuries ago, where liturgical services were supposedly conducted under an open sky.