2016 Galleries

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Galleries // 2016 Spark:Fall Concept // Sea-Cat Vol.2

Sea-Cat Vol.2

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: Yunwoo Jeong - Prof
Design Type: Ocean leisure watercraft
Company / Organization / School: Disegno T9 of UNIST
Team Members: Co-designer Jungwoo Kim Jiwoo Kim

Sea-cat Vol.2 is a new type of midsize ocean craft for leisure. For giving new wow-experience to users in riding and also accessing including towing and charging. During designing Sea-cat Vol.2, the design team visited motor shows and docks for yachts. The researches about mobility itself and related fields including culture and environments were also conducted. Interviews with ocean leisure lovers gave design directions. To express the 5 key words (luxury, safe, easy, fun, and eco-friend) on Sea-cat 2, following functions and external characteristics were defined. Luxury: Chrome main body attracts the attention and wood decorations gives luxurious interior experience. Red color points express sensuous beauty and its enthusiasm. Safe: Hard chrome metal body can protect users from waves and obstacles. The propeller is placed out of water to be protected from rocks and nets. Easy: Embedded landing gear and trailer part provides easy towing and accessing system. The midsize body fits to normal parking lot or house garage. Steps along the hulls are used as stairs to easy boarding. Fun: On the open seat, riders can feel fresh air with enjoying speed. Eco-friend: Sea-cat 2 uses electric power source, so can be charged easily due to embedded Li-ion battery.