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Galleries // 2017 Spark:Product // LeanRite


Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Jonathan Sheinkop - Inventor/ CEO
Design Type: Office Furniture
Company / Organization / School: Ergo Impact, LLC
Website: http://www.ergoimpact.com
Team Members: Designers: Gregg Foster & Robert Sheldon - Product Council http://www.productcouncil.com/about/

Every day, many people in the workplace spend 8 hours or more sitting in an office chair. While standing-desks can alleviate some of sitting’s negative consequences on your health; unsupported standing for hours on end can also cause long term problems for your knees, back, and posture. The LeanRite's fully adjustable Sit-Stand-Lean design presents a healthy, ergonomic middle-ground between a typical office chair and unsupported standing. Each position is uniquely designed to help keep the body in a variety of optimal postures while you work. The LeanRite™ offers you the options to stand comfortably against a soft lumbar back support, lean into a more relaxed variable-angled stool, or just sit restfully on the forward-tilted seat. Pneumatic adjustments make it simple to change positions throughout the day for amazingly comfortable and natural relief whenever you feel the need to offload your body weight. Plus, an anti-fatigue standing mat, reduces joint pressure and pain in the feet and legs related to standing. Designed and developed in Chicago and in collaboration with leading experts in orthopedics, ergonomics, and contemporary furniture design, LeanRite is an innovative product that encourages healthy posture, increases productivity, and promotes wellness both in and out of the workplace.