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Galleries // 2017 Spark:Product // Mr Pip's Double Cross

Mr Pip's Double Cross

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Denny Liao - Designer
Design Type: Consumer Product
Company / Organization / School: Pip Tompkin Design
Website: http://www.piptompkin.com
Team Members: Pip Tompkin, Shannon Hematian, and the Pip Tompkin Design Team

This is the first in-house project from our Studio and has been a labor of love. We wanted to create something that encouraged people to reengage in conversation. Smart devices are remarkable in their ability to connect with people afar, which historically has been a challenge. Unfortunately there has been an over correction and these devices have had an impact on relationships with the people around us. We set about identifying a solution which could address this problem and bring a healthy balance back to how children, to adults, interact. Our solution was to develop a game. Research showed that the majority of games were stored in ‘less than pretty’ boxes and as a result were rarely left out. The hidden games did not remind and stimulate people to put their devices down. We challenged ourselves to design a game which did not require a box, and was beautiful enough to be left out as an object of art or décor. The result is Mr Pip’s Double Cross, a twist on the most popular dice game in the world, “Liar’s Dice.” The game is designed to transcending cultural differences and language barriers to bring people back together.