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Galleries // 2017 Spark:Product // Philips Lumec ClassicStyle and SleekVision Luminaires with ClearGuide Technology

Philips Lumec ClassicStyle and SleekVision Luminaires with ClearGuide Technology

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Philips Lighting Design Team
Design Type: outdoor urban lighting
Company / Organization / School: Philips Lighting

Now you can enjoy high-performing, energy-saving LED technology without worrying about the harsh glare or pixelization that can occur with LED luminaires. With the full, comfortable glow of new Philips Philips Lumec ClassicStyle And SleekVision Luminaires with ClearGuide Technology, you can breathe new life into nighttime city spaces, strengthen a community bond, and enhance a sense of security throughout the night. SleekVision’s proprietary ClearGuide Technology was specifically designed to mitigate pixelization and glare commonly associated with LED illumination. This breakthrough vertical light engine allows SleekVision post top and bollard luminaires to provide a full, comfortable glow. ClearGuide Technology is vertically-mounted, and light is distributed through a light guide with precision rings. This allows light to be optimally distributed for maximum spacing and target lumens without directly exposing viewers to the LEDs. ClearGuide controls glare without compromising performance, providing visual comfort and excellent facial recognition, to help to enhance a sense of security in your city.