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Galleries // 2017 Spark:Spring Concept // OOINO Mini Refrigerator

OOINO Mini Refrigerator

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Jae Young Kim
Design Type: Concept Product
Company / Organization / School: Chonbuk National University
Team Members: Hyeil Kim

Contrary to the existing refrigerator, its design contained the warm and pleasant atmosphere. Getting out of the frame of home appliances as refrigerator, it aimed to create new design values by applying pleasant elements in the warm form of Nordic furnitures. Based on this inspiration, a wooden door showing warm sensitivity and simple objet-form, cute legs, and diverse colors that could be selected suitable for users' taste or interior design were designed. It was about the structure with variability in accordance with environment, so that it could be used as a mini snack refrigerator at home and also as a picnic bag or icebox in the open air. Thus, it had a detachable body, rechargeable stand structure, and handle for its convenient movement. At home, it is used by combining with the rechargeable stand that supplies power to the body and also charges the battery. In the open air, the body is moved by separating it from the rechargeable stand. Food can be freshly stored until the charged battery is all exhausted.