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Galleries // 2017 Spark:Spring Concept // Oil Mixing Stopper

Oil Mixing Stopper

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Park Seonghyeon
Design Type: Transport
Company / Organization / School: Hannam University
Team Members: Songmi Choi & Kinam Whang

As the number of unmanned gas stations is increasing recently, the accidents of mixed oil are rapidly increasing. As the number of gas stations is increasing, the accidents of mixed oil are rapidly increasing. The reason is that it is hard to distinguish gasoline lubricators and diesel lubricators. Everyone can make mistakes, and even if people are aware of them, mistakes and accidents still happen. When oil is mixed, users have to repair their car at a great cost. In order to prevent such accidents, oil mixing stoppers were designed for automobiles. Oil mixing stoppers are attached at the oil port of t automobiles to prevent different types of oil from being mixed. Gasoline lubricators and diesel lubricators have different hole diameters. The hole diameter of the gasoline lubricator is smaller, and that of the diesel lubricator is larger. By using the difference, a stopper was designed to prevent mixing. In other words, diesel lubricators(3cm) do not fit a gasoline vehicle fuel hole(2.1cm) but gasoline lubricators(1.9cm) easily fit in a diesel vehicle fuel hole(3cm) so oil mixing accidents occur in diesel vehicles.