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Galleries // 2017 Spark:Fall Concept // My Temperature Air Conditioner

My Temperature Air Conditioner

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Fall Concept
Designer: So Yeon Na
Design Type: Product
Company / Organization / School: Hannam University

For the last three years, property loss caused by fire occurred in an air conditioner outdoor unit is estimated to be worth almost 270 million won. Especially in summer when the average temperature often exceeds 30℃, the excessive use of air conditioner leads the temperature of an outdoor unit to rise higher than 70℃ and it becomes easier to cause a fire. This way, as the use of air conditioner explosively increases during summer, it gets more important to manage it in a more thorough way in advance to prevent fire. So designed to prevent fire accidents with a fire alarm system, LED sensor, and IoT technology, My Temperature is helpful in avoiding great property damage that may be caused by fire in an air conditioner's outdoor unit and preventing a large-scale accident. Besides, an outdoor unit design has remained neglected, while air conditioner has become one of the essential home appliances and many manufacturers have introduced a variety of trendy air conditioner designs. Accordingly, a numerous number of air conditioner outdoor units installed outside commercial buildings and apartments have offended the eyes. So I suggest this new air conditioner outdoor unit designed by taking also an aesthetic factor into account.