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Galleries // 2018 Spark:Spring Concept // One Meal Cooker

One Meal Cooker

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Il Kim
Design Type: Kitchen design
Company / Organization / School: KDM / Chosun University
Team Members: Il Kim & Seonik Kim

Most contemporary people take care of meal at a restaurant rather than home. That is because life style of the contemporary people busy with work life has been reflected in food culture. In particular, the people of 21.8% of 1-person household wanting to have fast and convenient meals substitute more than 1 meal a meal for frozen foods. One-meal rice cooker is a solution for busy contemporary people to prepare rice fast and conveniently. The existing rice cookers are launched based on 5~6 people, and mini rice cookers also tend to be released based on 3 people. The one-meal rice cooker allows preparation of rice without wetting the hands with water and also allows users ’health to be maintained by cooking healthy one-meal rice rather than frozen rice for the consumers as 1-person household busy with work life. Compared with the mini rice cooker based on 3 people, it takes a shorter time to cook rice, reduces rice stored in the rice cooker for a long time, and prevents environment pollution by reducing the amounts of food waste.