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Galleries // 2018 Spark:Spring Concept // Nipple Dust Mask

Nipple Dust Mask

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Jin Ho Chae
Design Type: Health Design
Company / Organization / School: Korea Polytechnic University
Team Members: Jin Ho Chae & Na Yeun Kim

Fine dust is designated as first grade carcinogenic by the WHO. Currently, most Asian cities have 5 times more fine dust compared to the WHO standard which is 10㎍/㎥. It was found that the infant death rate increases by 53% while he growth and cognitive ability deteriorates as the density of ultra-fine dust increases. But after conducting market research, I found that there were no masks available for infants who are the most vulnerable to fine dust. Based on this problem, I devised a mask that targets infant. The concept of pacifier was suggested to prevent the habit of child pulling out something cumbersome. And Babies are weak when they breathe. In order to help the babies' breathing, We focused on the mechanism of the gas mask. The mask body is made of silicone,which is harmless to the human body. It was also designed to be transparent, allowing parents to check their child's condition. The nipple and filter are modularized so that they can be replaced and cleaned.