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Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Spring Concept
Designer: Judy Kong
Design Type: Health
Company / Organization / School: California College of the Arts

Sitting and standing are the the biggest obstacles in the life of many elderly people. Besides the damaging to their body every time they fall onto their chairs, it is also discouraging every time they fails to stand up by themselves. Different from other assistive devices, Stand aims to provide the minimal assistance needed to the elderly people, which allows them to continue exercise their muscles and be active in the long run. The key in sitting/standing is to shift the body weight. While standing/sitting, the user will press both buttons under the handle for Stand to compress, which guide them to slowly shift their center of gravity forward to allow easy standing/sitting. The bottom design provide stability for self-standing as well as durability where it meets the ground. The iconic form steers Stand away from the age stigma that conventional cane inherent, makes carrying a cane become a personal statement. Stand is a simple, intuitive and elegant solution that encourages elderly people to get up and move around.