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Galleries // 2019 Spark:Product // Ceribell


Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Dan Harden & Whipsaw Design Team
Design Type: Medical
Company / Organization / School: Whipsaw
Team Members: Dan Harden & Cole Derby

The Ceribell portable electroencephalogram is used to quickly monitor and detect brain seizures. Conventional EEG machines require attaching electrodes to patients’ scalps during lengthy and uncomfortable procedures. Ceribell offers a compact, lightweight, and comfortable alternative to the market that takes just six minutes to set up. The system is comprised of two main elements: a low cost disposable headband that comfortably wraps around the patient's head, and a reusable handheld device containing the controls, computer and touch display. The headband carries signals to the handheld device, and a brain stethoscope converts brain waves into sounds—a breakthrough for unconscious patients with no visible symptoms. Data is instantly sent to the Cloud and can be reviewed anywhere. Ceribell EEG is the lifesaving device of the future.