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Galleries // 2019 Spark:Digital // IBM Food Trust

IBM Food Trust

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Digital
Designer: Noi Sukaviriya - Chief Designer
Design Type: Design for Mobile, GUI & Web Design, Human Computer Interaction, User Experience, User Interface, Digital
Company / Organization / School: IBM
Team Members: Noi (Piyawadee) Sukaviriya, Puja Bakshi, Caldwell Toll, Andrew Nelson, Dominick Blanchard, Joshua Horton, Nigel Gopie, Anita Gardeva & Selina Kim

IBM Food Trust has begun a journey towards helping food supply chain participants solve their supply chain problems, such as sourcing and locating tainted produce, monitoring the freshness of perishable foods, and providing food origin and authenticity data. IBM Food Trust applications provide authorized users with product data, such as location, end-to-end route, chain of custody, temperature and remaining shelf-life. By sharing food data on a common blockchain network, IBM Food Trust business partners collaborate to solve problems with greater speed and cost-effectiveness compared to persistent manual, paper-based methods.  IBM Food Trust UX design contributes to this journey by presenting complex food supply chain data, in an understandable and actionable manner, to a broad spectrum of end users. The modular design of the UI enables users to access information at multiple levels, from overview to detailed and from abstract to concrete. In total, IBM Food Trust helps organizations and users from across the supply chain meet their varying individual needs, providing a highly valuable and cost-efficient solution for the entire food ecosystem.