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Competition: Spark:Graphic
Designer: Hsin Yi Huang
Design Type: Typographic Spatial Installation
Company / Organization / School: ArtCenter College of Design
Website: http://amyhhuang.com

The typographic spatial installation took place in a long hallway, representing depression’s longevity and staying power though a patient’s lifetime. The stigmas were printed in large bold black text and the experiences from patients in smaller block text because these voices from patients are frequently drowned out by conversations of an opposing party. Depression is stark and the bold black color typeface magnifies the bleak feelings patients have with depression. The walls and floors were covered with these dialogues to construct that experience for the public - every inch of the passage is overwhelmingly surrounded by the constant interruptions of depression. The mirror pieces are installed to have the participants reflect on themselves; whether they have had a similar experience or had the same thoughts on others.