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Galleries // 2019 Spark:Experience // Charge 3 UX Design

Charge 3 UX Design

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Experience
Designer: Katie Nichols - Senior Product Designer
Design Type: User Experience
Company / Organization / School: Fitbit, Inc.
Team Members: Katie Nichols, Steve Ensminger, Julia Rickles, Daniel Amara, Harel Sheniak, Rebecca Shumway, Trevor McIntyre, Cara Buck, Brennan Browne, Jonah Becker & Matt Barthelemy

Charge 3 is Fitbit’s most advanced fitness tracker to date. It packs all of the essentials of a smartwatch into a slim, unobtrusive form factor while also being your health companion, motivating you with on-wrist nudges and cheering your success with celebratory animations. Throughout our design process, we were guided by three principles. First, it is critical that this device is accessible and understandable. We made critical information like your health and fitness stats accessible with just a quick swipe up from the clock. We also made sure to provide both glanceable dials to quickly gauge progress as well as actual numbers to make sure you know exactly where you stand. Next, we wanted the experience to feel guided and personal. Wherever possible, we created opportunities for customization and personalization. We added new apps to suit different user needs and settings within the exercise experience such as the ability to set a custom goal for your exercise. Finally, our last principle was that the experience be motivational and fun. We added delightful animations throughout to keep you on your toes and celebrate your progress.