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Galleries // 2019 Spark:Spring Student // Built-indoor Farming

Built-indoor Farming

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Seung Woo Song
Design Type: Indoor farming
Company / Organization / School: Design Matter
Team Members: Seung Woo Song, You Young Kim, Seyoung Chang & Youngjin Park

People living in urban areas have difficulties approaching indoor farming, which requires large amount of space and time. However, people of this generation wish to create their own small farms that they can harvest, and because of their living environments and other reasons, they have difficulties fulfilling their wishes. With Built-Indoor Farming, people living in urban areas have a greater chance to become closer to farming without having limitations as before, and also give modern lifestyle of solving their needs of foods inside their house. Built-Indoor Farming is structured as a module, so that it can be placed freely on the ceiling of the house, but at the same time used as a part of an interior. Since vegetations have differences when growing, those that grow to be longer than others are planted on modules with longer modules. This gives similar design as how ceilings are designed with height difference, but with a specific functionality.