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Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Chao Dai - team leader
Design Type: Digital: Motion, Apps, Games
Company / Organization / School: Royal College of Art
Team Members: Chao Dai, Kun Qian, Huitong Li, Yushun Zhai & Haoyu Jin

Nearly 700,000 Chinese students study abroad every year. Because of the fear caused by different cultures, policies and education systems, they will spend ten times more costs than European (local) students just only in the application process Therefore, we aim to help Chinese applicants who want to study abroad connect with overseas students to reduce the information gap. Therefore, we need to form a very strong bond with the supply side, that is, overseas students. We performed an in-depth analysis of demand and supply, then NEXT which is an audio social field platform was born. Next is not just about audio and conversation, it's also about sunshine, stars, bonfires and neon lights etc. As it's an service that incorporates the environment into the chatting interface. Here, applicants can get the accurate tacit information about study aboard, on the other hand, overseas students can also get a sense of achievement, personal brand building and additional income. What's more important is to achieve these goals through a high-frequency and fun way of information interaction. We believe that chatting is the most common entertainment activity of human beings, and this activity is valuable and worth exploring.