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Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Hanju Seo
Design Type: Health & Medical, Mask Sterilizer
Company / Organization / School: Korea Polytechnic University
Website: http://seopadong.com
Team Members: Hanju Seo & Kiseok Kwon

For now(13th Apr 2020), the only way to stop the spread of Coronavirus is to keep physical distance covering faces with masks. Though, the shortage of masks is the serious problem. Because the mask is a consumable, it is difficult to supply if demand suddenly increases. NEW FRUIT is an open-source-based 3D printed mask sterilizer that cleans contaminated masks with ultraviolet. It aims to reduce the overall demand for masks by saving the usage of masks from non-infected people. Place the worn mask in the lid part and expose it to the ultraviolet lamp for about a minute, reducing its ATP to less than 20 RLU, which means the surface was properly cleaned and is safe from bacterial multiplication. As NEW FRUIT is manufactured by 3D printer which has an easy process, it allows anyone to have a personal sterilizer, which helps to allay some of the problems of rapid mask demand growth.