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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Digital // Public Service Advertisement Festival in 2020

Public Service Advertisement Festival in 2020


Competition: Spark:Digital
Designer: Ho Byoung Chae - Chief designer
Design Type: GUI & Web Design, Design for Mobile
Company / Organization / School: KOBACO (Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation)
Website: https://psa.kobaco.co.kr
Team Members: Ho Byoung Chae, Lee Seol, Kim Tae Ju, Kwon Teak Hwan, Yu Dong Kyun, Han Ji Seok & Lee Jae Sung

KOBACO is a public organization for advertising promotion and has held its 12th Korea Public Service Advertising Festival this year. The site is an online public service advertising exhibition platform to replace the exhibition hall, which is difficult to visit due to COVID-19. This site's purpose : To allow anyone to view public advertisements comfortably and participate in public-interest campaigns as if they had visited the exhibition hall at any time, anywhere. This site's feature : Using the emblem of the Korea Public Service Advertising Festival, which symbolizes the flower seeds of public value, it visualized the spread of flower seeds for a better world. Each flower seed leads to a theme gallery. Overall, the focus was on UX/UI, which provides quick and easy access to theme-specific galleries based on simple and neat dark mode screens. It provides variety of fun to visit galleries by theme using VR technology, and it is the same responsive web in mobile devices.