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IBM Automation Decision Services

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Digital
Designer: Myriam Battelli - Visual Designer
Design Type: Apps, Programs & Software, GUI & Web Design, Human Computer Interaction, User Interface
Company / Organization / School: IBM
Team Members: Myriam Battelli, Fabienne Schoeman, Aurélie Baton & Dave Clark

Most often operational decisions are made in the code of enterprise applications, which makes it very difficult to access and modify them. Enabling true business users to do the same without coding gives the agility and control that the business needs. That's where the design principles become hugely important. It's about providing a method where business users can build a decisioning process without coding at all. ADS introduces a visual decomposition of a decision into smaller decisions, where each of them is expressed through a simple formalism, or even in natural language. That's where a product manager can easily specify rules for a promotion, a sales manager define commissions for business partners, an underwriter decides to approve or reject a loan application, etc.


IBM Automation Decision Services, Digital Design

"Assuming the service design analysis is solid and scalable, this helps bring predictive analytics as a service to a broad range of customers."

"In this Covid-19 era, IBM is proposing ADS to companies that need to decide in real time whether offices are safe for employees, what needs to be fixed, to anticipate risks, etc. Interesting!"

"Design system makes it feel easy to use - UX is focused on outcome driven solution to help drive the workflow - Streamlining and efficiency in workflow management - Good use of AI."

"Well thought out decision making tools are becoming increasingly desirable as we all are inundated with more and more info. Requires serious buy-in by user group to be accurate and effective."