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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Space // Magnificent and Graceful

Magnificent and Graceful


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Clement Tung Jeun Cheng
Design Type: Interiors: Residential: Houses, Apartments, Flats
Company / Organization / School: CINCHstudio Spacial Design
Team Members: Clement Tung Jeun Cheng

The designer considering the lower height of previous 4-storey building brings about the integral sense of space by decorating the ceiling and air conditioning with the curved lines connecting the ceiling and wall. With the different heights of ceilings, moreover, the original lower ceiling can conceal air conditioning and hose without causing oppressive feeling. With regard to construction materials, the natural textures of wood grain rubber sheets, wood floors, natural stones, durable tiles and marble, all of which are adorned with the stainless steels, black steels and lacquered glass. Decorated in the bedroom, the soft textures of wallpapers and leathers, etc. spawn a warm atmosphere. The natural elements conformed in the space artistically progress as elegant as ocean waves creating rhythmic patterns, seemingly regular but delicate. For the house near ocean where is humid, the specific environmentally-friendly and moisture-resistant materials, as well as the water-resistant structures, properly effectively reduce maintenance expense. In addition, the air circulation equipment furnished in the house reduces home humidity and purifies air. Lastly, the solar water heat, which is environmentally friendly, effectively saves energy.