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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Product // Nasoni Fountain Faucet

Nasoni Fountain Faucet


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Steve Waddell - CEO
Design Type: Kitchen, domestic & bath
Company / Organization / School: Nasoni LLC
Website: https://www.nasoni.com
Team Members: Steve Waddell & Dave Scouler, Nasoni Noah McNeely, Product QuickStart

Nasoni's award-winning fountain faucet is the first of its kind in the world. Rarely does an idea come along that combines great design and function with the ability to positively impact so many lives several times per day. It has been designed for all ages and abilities while using only a fraction of the water of modern, conventional bathroom faucets. When used in fountain mode it uses 88% less water than existing faucets. The potential water saving in the US alone could be as high as 136 billion gallons annually when brushing alone, which is equivalent of over 9 million backyard swimming pools (data available). It enhances the bathroom routine while providing a safer and more enjoyable way to start and end every day. The unique aspect of Nasoni's fountain faucet is that it brings something used many times a day new life and function. Existing bathroom faucets are primarily designed for cleaning hands. By adding safe, fun and efficient additional uses to the bathroom, existing models become obsolete. The new uses of a bathroom faucet provided by the Nasoni fountain faucet combine simplifying and enhancing daily life with an increased awareness of the importance of water conservation.


Nasoni Fountain Faucet, Product Design

"I get the target market. A nice move in the direction of inclusive design."