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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Space // Reinoldi Secondary School

Reinoldi Secondary School

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Thomas Schmidt
Design Type: Schools & Campuses
Company / Organization / School: SSP AG
Website: http://www.ssp.ag
Team Members: Thomas Schmidt, Martin Grasse, Christoph Nowakowski, Franz Rumenapp, Markus Fleibgarten, Beate Ennig, Gerrit Ernst, Andres Bischoff & Bastian Scholz

The change in the science of education and the reinterpretation of teaching methods prompted the City of Dortmund to examine the future viability of the Reinoldi Secondary School's location and the main building, which has been extended in several stages but has become outdated. The analysis recommended a new building. The U-shaped building is invitingly positioned towards the schoolyard, but was moved away from the street and positioned towards the rear of the school campus. Together with the gyms and the natural sciences extension, the main building forms an urban unity. The complex is divided vertically, also visible through the fa├žade and its materiality. Foyer, cafeteria and play centre form a multi-purpose communication forum on the ground floor. The school administration area is connected to the forum, as well as two staircase cores. On the two upper floors 18 classrooms with individual and team rooms are organized in coherent clusters. Some of the corridors widen conically into self-study zones and run towards a patio garden in the middle of the building. On the upper floor a library with a view of the campus and a roof terrace with a view of the adjacent forest are planned.


Reinoldi Secondary School, Spaces Design

"Seems to have good flow and a friendly yet productive feel."