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Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Yu - Hsing Liu
Design Type: Architecture; Residential
Company / Organization / School: Professional Group of Design
Team Members: Yu - Hsing Liu

For each household to see the view of the park, the designer alters the role the dining room into a space of hallway. The curved appearance of the building agreeably corresponding to the nearby Fenghe Park figuratively signifies the image of the blooming flowers bringing wealth and reputation artistically conformable to the green space of the park. The design plan presenting the curved appearance of building leads to the different curvature of each floor, thus making construction challenging and costly. The designer seeking “a wonderful design” unrestrained by the given challenge brings about a phenomenal residential building. To react favorably to the greenery surrounding environment, the designer shows the design idea with the fascination of the growing trees. The sleek balconies elegantly evolve in curves by different floors. The enlivening layers of façade bring about the poetic charms of the building. The building base recessed to the street by 18 to 27 cm shows a humble attitude that leaves the space to flowers and trees, walking path and square, and people and life. The exquisite building façade highly considering details quiescently interact with the surrounding environment in a calm and serene ambience.