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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Space // Reshaping Nature

Reshaping Nature


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Song Yang
Design Type: Interiors: Working Space, Offices
Company / Organization / School: Shenzhen Asymptote Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Team Members: Song Yang & Wu Nang

The sales center space is designed to largely focus on functions, complemented and harmonized with local culture and natural environment. The grey and white building looks modern with the vertical textures. With an irregular, distinct appearance, it is surrounded by water. It reshapes the relationship between architecture and nature with the concept of showing respect to the natural environment. The interior of the building adopts a style consistent with the exterior design. The gray-white theme color adds tranquility to the space. Starting from the front desk of the reception hall, a large glass curtain wall extends to the distance. It applies unified materials and design techniques to harmonize with the solid walls and weaken the facade relations. The curves formed by ripple pattern stainless steels show the water element on the ceiling, which echo the coastal location of the city along with the ancient wood grain stones on the ground. The modern abstract art decorations, featuring black old textures, work with the deadwood color art benches to lay a solid artistic foundation for the whole space at the entrance lobby.