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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Concept Pro // Design Consciousness – Small Things with Big Heart

Design Consciousness – Small Things with Big Heart

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Concept Pro
Designer: Sheng-Hung Lee - Designer
Design Type: Experimental Design
Company / Organization / School: EMMA Creative Center and Pforzheim University
Website: http://shenghunglee.wix.com/design#!tetrapot/c193x
Team Members: Sheng-Hung Lee, Almut Benkert, Tim Storti, Mirjam Hiller, Bettina Weiss, Fabian Jäger, Alexandra Vogt, Benedikt Adler, Erwin Wagner & Matilde de Sousa Outeiro

Objects are invented by human to help create a better life. For example, we need a new chair because it can make people sit more comfortably. Once we achieve the functional aspect of the object, people are prone to take things for granted as we tolerate ourselves by ignoring details and we easily choose to forget why we create the object and for whom. We hadn’t asked further questions: Do we care about the user experience? The benefit of the design is included and beyond just containing functional aspect. The benefit will considerate the emotional aspect for the user and it “evolves” with the user. People easily get used to staying in a bubble of personal adaptive habits without knowing how we can better improve our life through baby steps. The intention of the project is to remind us that people actually deserve a life with better quality. The premise is that everyone needs to be constantly aware of our own behaviors intentionally and unintentionally. The designer wants to start from small and achievable things through close and mindful observations. Taking the daily life items, the designer tries to “revisit” products that surround us.


Design Consciousness--Small Things with Big Heart, Concept Pro Design

"Love the simplicity--a powerful project! It's intriguing to see minimal designs being used to "fix" existing designs based on human behavior. It's almost whimsical yet very serious."

"These are concepts -not in production. However, the concept side of design-thinking on this project certainly has to be rated as great. Would be great if more brands had people in their teams that utilised these types of design thinking in the process."