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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Space // City of Light

City of Light

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Kris Lin - Design director
Design Type: Entertainment: Cinemas, Sports, E-Games, Civic
Company / Organization / School: Kris Lin International Design
Team Members: Kris Lin & Jiayu Yang

The project is divided into two floors: the first floor is an outdoor art plaza and a reception hall . There is an independent art and culture hall and a liquid concept coffee shop. In addition, it is equipped with a city meeting room, tea house, elderly health center, chess and card room, children's talent classroom, fitness center and other functional spaces for people to engage with each other. The second floor is the exhibition center and vip reception room. The beauty of the curve The designer applies the natural element of “water” to the design of the building through the study of the geographical environment where the project is faced with water. Whether it is a natural landscape or a fluid building full of three-dimensional structure, the interpretation of the curve will present unique vitality and dynamics. Streamlined building The designer combines curves with geometric shapes to create a streamlined architecture with a sense of technology and future, breaking the traditional concept of Founder architecture, incorporating streamlined fashion design into the architectural design, making the building full of rhythm and modern aesthetics like ocean waves.


City of Light, Spaces Design

"Difficult to judge such a large-scale project for the amount of information supplied - but achieving its ambition and goal with grandeur and reverence for the space it occupies. The designer is clearly enamored of the exterior image of the building."