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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Space // Childhood Days

Childhood Days

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Moek Mo
Design Type: Schools & Campuses
Company / Organization / School: Mo Architects and Planners
Website: http://www.moekdesign.com/
Team Members: Moek Mo, Yong Liu, Fred Ho, James Kuo & Eric Tsai

The school administration, in this design project, is young and invigorating, and it wants to provide for children a safe and fun playground where is decorated in accordance with the color plan and is appealing in the school. The entire new playground equipment is unique and creative, and it is designed specifically for children. In the new playground, because there are nine different ways to play, the arrangement of the flow traffic flows is required and crucial. On top of that, the playground is not on the flat base. Considering these factors, the designer arranged the equipment in accordance with the different heights of the grounds and by means of different colors on the grounds. Considering the children’s health, the designer uses the non-toxic playground equipment and follows the rules of safety first, which is the principle of the playground design. During the design process, the designer hosted four design workshops for children, who can play different games in a playground where is installed with diverse equipment and is embellished with different colors and styles.


Childhood Days, Spaces Design

"Perfect for purpose - playful, safe and engaging, great process and great outcome."

"So lovely for children to have the opportunity to actively explore their environment, particularly in a shared experience."

"Nice unusual project. Good to keep kids entertained without using video screens!"