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Galleries // 2020 Spark:Experience // Midea Meiju App

Midea Meiju App

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Experience
Designer: Pei Lin - Designer
Design Type: Communications
Company / Organization / School: Midea IoT Division
Team Members: Yuanqing You,Zhixun Han, Junhao Jiang & Pei Lin

Midea Meiju App is not only the smart life service platform of Midea Group, one of the world‘s top 500 enterprises,but also the only App of Midea Group. In addition to being a unified user portal for Midea’s smart life, Midea Meiju App is also the leading whole-house smart life service platform in the industry. It supports the smart home appliances of all brands of Midea Group as well as smart devices that have joined in the Meiju ecological chain. At present, hundreds of intelligent products have been connected, supporting smart speakers, smart sockets, etc. With Midea Meiju App,users can control home appliances remotely, build smart scenes, obtain recipes, after-sales service, and purchase Midea smart home appliances in the Meiju Mall. Midea Meiju App is user-centric and has launched smart scenarios which includes smart safety, smart health, smart convenience , and smart personalization, in order to provide consumers with whole-house smart solutions. Up to now, the number of downloads of the Midea Meiju App has exceeded 50 million, and more than 15 million devices are conneted to the internet.


Midea Meiju App, Experience Design

"Pretty comprehensive"

"Seems to be well integrated across many appliance user situations Very much needed as our smart home and smart lives get more complicated."

"IoT control app has good integration features."

"THINGS THAT STOOD OUT: Unification of the (1) design, (2) data (3) operations logic and (4) appliance linkage across 80 types of home appliances in multiple business divisions to create smart experiences.

"Seems like they are developing interfaces specific for the elderly and children for their use cases -like integrated appliance interactions, for example."