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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Package // Pepsi Kick

Pepsi Kick


Competition: Spark:Package
Designer: Design Team
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: PepsiCo
Website: http://http://design.pepsico.com
Team Members: PepsiCo Design & Innovation

As a brand, Pepsi Kick is beloved and has great recognition across Mexico. The challenge to refresh the brand without disrupting very strong sales was a significant challenge for the Design team. However, after more than a decade since Pepsi Kick was launched, the design team met the challenge. Today, Pepsi Kick has a new and invigorated image with a vibrant positioning and visual identity system. The brand’s freshly updated attitude is designed to connect with GenZ and attract a new generation of consumers. There was clear opportunity in the market to position the brand as the perfect antidote for boredom, afternoon tiredness and sleepless nights, since there are few options of sodas that offer a higher caffeine content as an added functional benefit. Pepsi Kick knows its brand fanatics are hard workers and have many activities to juggle, which is why the new image is dynamic and expresses a slow release of energy that is connected with the added caffeine in the product. The visual system includes a halo effect that expands from the logo, directly connecting the product and how it makes the consumer feel with the visual identity.