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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Package // Cheetos Redesign - Mexico

Cheetos Redesign - Mexico


Competition: Spark:Package
Designer: Joelle Garofalo - Creative Resources Manager
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: PepsiCo Design & Innovation
Website: http://http://design.pepsico.com
Team Members: Design credit: PepsiCo Design & Innovation

Cheetos has a 40-year history in Mexico, and Chester has been our mascot for 30 of those years. He has been one of the most loved and well-known characters in all of Mexican culture. Mischievous. Fun. Undoubtedly, Chester was the most iconic asset for the Cheetos brand. However, under these new regulations we were presented with an opportunity to evolve the brand and in turn share our learnings with other countries facing similar limitations. By far our biggest challenge was finding a way to keep the voice of the brand alive without its iconic spokesperson. We faced some tough questions. Like, how do you distinguish each flavor’s personality nuance without an actual personality behind the brand? How do you maintain the mischievous and fun positioning of the brand without the mischievous and fun Chester? Chester is baked into the DNA of the brand. We got to work on The Big Letter C. A new graphic asset, The Big Letter C, is an uplifting symbol that represents the essence of the brand. This C is a typographic element that’s designed to be authentic and unique. It’s mischievous. It’s fun. It works across the flavor portfolio. And it can be localized.