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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Product // Rope Light

Rope Light


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Hu Zou
Design Type: Lighting
Company / Organization / School: Guangzhou Yiqi Industrial Design Co., Ltd.
Team Members: Hu Zou

This is a home atmosphere lighting design, consisting of a rope and two parts in similar shape on both ends. The two parts at the ends of the rope are respectively power supply and light, with an electrical wire wrapped inside the rope. This light can be placed or hung anywhere for use. There is a switch on the power supply part that allows it to control the light at the other end of the rope. Press the switch button on the power supply part to control and adjust the brightness of the light. The rope light can be placed anywhere casually for lighting purpose. The rope of the light allows it to be hung on different places at home. The light can also be tied on curtains etc. with the rope in various shapes as an ornament. There are magnets at the bottoms of both parts to let the rope light form a circle to be hung on furniture at home.