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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Spring Student // Bathroom Basket

Bathroom Basket


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Di Lu
Design Type: Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: School of Future Design, Beijing Normal University
Team Members: Di Lu

Design of bathroom basket for improving utilization.The basket not only saves material more than the conventional one, but also adds other functions and improves the usage of product. The inner space of the upper part of the storage basket is sufficient for various bath articles. The outer end of the lower part of the basket can also directly hang the bath flowers, the laundry, bathing bags and other common items, without any other hanging accessories. We usually encounter such problems that there is not enough space for thing to be placed when we have a bath. The space of the bathroom is limited, and the general storage baskets are relatively small objects. The function of basket is singular. Through researching many storage basket products, we find that there are more space to be used for products themselves by removing unnecessary parts of the products, so that getting new multi-functional products. The manufacturing technology of conventional storage baskets has become more and more mature. The new storage frame design only removes a small part of the original product, which saves the material and does not affect the efficacy of the product itself, but increases the usability of the product and makes people obtain more convenience. By observing the use efficacy of the product in daily life, the unnecessary parts of the product design are removed. While retaining the most important part of the product efficacy, the user can also obtain product’s new functions, and instruct the customer to operate product correctly with the visual product language. The rapid development of today's society vigorously advocate returning to nature, and the design of industrialization also returns to simplicity. In order to meet people's most essential needs of life, we should avoid the waste of resources and use environmental and hygienic products.