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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Space // Explore Among the Stars

Explore Among the Stars


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Li Zhang
Design Type: Interiors: Commercial
Company / Organization / School: Shanghai Face Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd
Website: http://www.facedesign.cn
Team Members: Li Zhang, Chen Meng & Song Yang

The space suddenly opens up when walking into the sand table space. In contrast with the dimness in the aisle, the space is well lit. A conversation between light and darkness is set up progressively throughout one turn after another. There shall be no end of the pursue under the effects of wind and water. The end of the homocentric square-shaped flow line leads the sight to a higher ceiling, along with the contrast of light and shadow create visual intensity. The designer does not just build a functional space to fulfill the need, but to go beyond imagination by controlling the pace and rhythm of the flow. The sudden change from oblique lines to vertical lines reach a balance on rhythm and layers and the designer adds in some flows to bring more liveliness to the space. Curve lights shine on the orderly lattices and cast shadows differently according to the time. Every moment varies and can be appreciated over and over again. The slant on the top adds a theatric sense to the normal everyday life. The space becomes a stage, for those who walk through to perform with the tempo they walk in and make the peaceful ambience intertwine with the spacial elements. The strong structural top with the lighting seems like a spaceship floating in the space, arousing a sense of mystery and awe, and inspires the viewers that the seek for greatness is endless. Stepping into the Living Room of the City, a sense of subtle and comfort shows. The designer adds the idea of simplicity and elegance on top of the elements shown in the sales office, hoping to create a relaxing and light impression in the Living Room of the City for the viewers after their experience of “exploring among the stars” in the sales office, representing the house will always be a shelter for it residents after a long, tiring day.