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Flat 03


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Kwanhee Park - Premium Flowersalt , Flat
Design Type: Packaging
Company / Organization / School: Hoseo Univ

Edible flower is usually in tea or condiment to eat delectable the same role in many kinds of foods. Good taste and aroma of flavor and aroma of tea and food ingredients is to improve utilization. Immune systems due to 19 covid and health is increasing interest in the edible flower of the great effects of ' market value of the attention and edible flowers.Increasing.? I have these market conditions to Flower had planned the salt using edible flowers. Salt is naturally harmonized with edible flowers and a creative design planning that can be seen and the sumptuousness of the colorful flowers, incense to include in the package. Also, edible flowers are discriminatory to convey an image of the premium ingredients to emphasize that the logo.