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28 Eyes

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Gabin Park
Design Type: Health & Medical, Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: Korea Design Membership+
Team Members: Gabin Park, Jeong Hoon Oh & Nam Yeon Kim

May 28th is 'World Menstruation Day'. It is needed empathy for blind women who have menstruation. We, 28 EYES, want to try to help blind women live a healthy life through their physiology management. Blind women of childbearing age cannot distinguish between vaginal discharge and menstrual blood because it's hard for them to distinguish colors. Therefore, it is inconvenient for them to wear sanitary pads for a long time. So we suggest this item with color sensors to solve these problems. We tried to design it for use by people with various degrees of visual impairment.It uses vibrations or sounds effects rather than voice prompts to alert visually impaired users because many of them cannot read Braille. For the sounds, we use simple sound effects, not human voice. It's small enough to carry and fit comfortably in one hand, so it is unobtrusive and can be used anytime, anywhere.It has a built-in strap to prevent it from falling off during use.


The idea and effort to address blind women's health is very meaningful...

Great "inclusive Design" topic, cause, concept & creative "friendly" form application...