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Around multi-tap


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Heeju Jeong
Design Type: Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: korea design membership+

The existing multi-tab is designed to be used on the floor. I was inspired to create the Around multi-tab after seeing one of my friends, who is tall and has a back problem, having difficulties using the multi-tab under the desk. You can use it by assembling each dispenser according to the instruction and put it in use in different contexts. Besides, for more convenient use of the multi-tap, I put the buttons on the upper part of each socket. When pressing the button, a socket connected to the button is automatically separated from the other. This design complements the difficulty of removing the outlet in the original multi-tap, and it is designed as a three-socket multi-tap, which lets the user to easily remove the outlet individually. type. a-basic: Increase space-efficiency by making the multiple-tap stand by using a stanchion. type. b-extension: Make it available to use the multiple-tap without bending waist forward, lifting up the position of consent by using an extension type dispenser. type. c-stand: Make it available to use the multiple-tap without bending waist forward in the position which the user wants by using a standing type dispenser.