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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Scott Klinker - Designer
Design Type: Street furniture & fittings
Company / Organization / School: Landscape Forms
Website: https://www.landscapeforms.com/en-US/Pages/default.aspx
Team Members: Scott Klinker & The Landscape Forms' Design Team

Like a “theory” bridges the worlds of the rational and the abstract, Theory transit furnishings merge familiar, utilitarian elements with open-ended, artful design to humanize the transit experience and inspire senses of playfulness and discovery. Consisting of a shelter, two seating systems, and a supporting cube element, Theory uses modularity and adaptability to inspire unique interpretations among users and elevate the creativity of its designers’ visions. Theory's shelter brings a light and contemporary design language to public transit while remaining clear and intuitive in its purpose. A simple system of angled beams, panels, and LED lightning, Theory shelters are scalable to adapt to a transit system’s specific needs. Theory's thin bench seating system functions like a conventional bench, but opens the door to site-specific functionality in its configurable accessories. Theory's thick beam seating system offers interesting contrast as it introduces aspects of sculpture and public art. Thick beams can intersect and stack in asymmetric configurations, freely becoming a place to sit, stand, lean, lay, use a laptop or have a quick meal. Finally, the Theory cube supports configurations as it defines space, signals a transition between transit zones and the surrounding landscape, and serves as a single seat.