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Galleries // 2022 Spark:Product // UbiHub APAI (Access Point + Artificial Intelligence)

UbiHub APAI (Access Point + Artificial Intelligence)


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Claudio Ribeiro - VP of Design
Design Type: Electronics—telecom, mobile, AV, PCs, tablets., Industrial & consumer tools and equipment
Company / Organization / School: Ubicquia
Website: http://www.ubicquia.com
Team Members: Claudio Ribeiro & Elliott Murray

UbiHub APAI is a streetlight-mounted access point device with Edge AI processing capabilities that expands high-speed wireless internet access and lighting control capabilities across communities and cities. The UbiHub APAI integrates seamlessly with Ubicquia’s suite of smart city technologies, allowing for easy connection to the vast web of services that the company offers. This provides smart cities with unlimited applications and use cases to optimize curb management and mobility, and improve public safety. By combining high-speed WiFi access with edge analytics, the UbiHub APAI is the next step in making communities smarter, safer, and more connected. The UbiHub APAI is designed with versatility in mind. Plugging directly into existing streetlight architecture in seconds, the UbiHub APAI is compatible with more than 360 million poles worldwide. In a world increasingly dependent on high-speed internet access for people’s livelihoods, the UbiHub APAI allows for the rapid expansion of WiFi coverage while simultaneously giving cities an extensive suite of light controls and video monitoring capabilities paired with edge artificial intelligence. The Ubihub APAI is a critical tool for helping close the digital divide while also allowing cities to gather much-needed information about the way people use city streets.