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Galleries // 2022 Spark:Fall/Winter Student // Smart Farm Winery

Smart Farm Winery

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Hyungjun Lee
Design Type: Brand: Logos, communications
Company / Organization / School: Korea Design Membership +
Team Members: Hyungjun Lee & Yoel Choi

Republic of Korea is now facing the critical problem in rural area with the decreasing population.The most serious future extiction danger area in Korea is YeongCheon region. Our insight was from the 'changes in intention to return to rural' of young generation. Yeongcheon is a distinctive area in Korea. YeongCheon called as Bordeaux of Korea. Most of the local wine in Korea came from YeongCheon winery. Therefore, we decided to do local branding YeongCheon winery in to sustainable rural area with advanced agriculture technology and residental system. Our goal is to become a space where Yeongcheon can maintain its form of life beyond tourist attractions by young genration. We designed the brand identity with graphic and space. YoungCheon means 'long river' and also can be interpreted seperately as a number zero and a thousand. We interpreted it into infinite flexible space between two number. Visually, designed the element of Eastern and Western pottery of the culture of wine. YoungCheon winery's three main spaces are modular house resident, smart farm and art farm. The architectures involve the meaning of harmony between nature and artifact. The main design concept of architecture is 'breaking down boundaries with the light'.