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S1 Dispenser

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Spark-E
Designer: David Conway - CEO
Design Type: Sustainability
Company / Organization / School: Purcell-219 Design
Website: http://www.purcell.eco
Team Members: David Conway, Russell Conway, Matias Botero, Miguel Piedrahita, Abe McKay, Trevor Wesolowski, Eric Bodnar & Kelly Heller

Purcell is tackling the plastic pollution crisis by bringing innovation to the grocery aisle. Food packaging comprises ~75% of household trash. 219 Design and Purcell teamed up to design a sustainable, IoT solution for food merchandising. The S1 eliminates waste, reduces costs, increases profit, improves hygiene, allows people to buy only what they need, and more. The S1 solves the pain points of traditional bulk food. Instead of writing a product code on a bag, the shopper applies a label automatically printed with the product information and weight. Interactive branding and nutritional information are digitally displayed. For retailers, the S1 offers increased sales of high-margin products by 2x (up to 15-35% higher than pre-packaged), reduces shrink from 8% to 2% - annual savings of $9.1M if extended for a retail chain of 475 stores, reduces labor by 80%, and provides sustainable online fulfillment. S1 achieves zero waste by replacing plastic packaging with reusable containers. Our paper-based cartridge achieves completely zero-plastic merchandising. This solution drastically reduces C02 emissions. Our cartridge leverages a more efficient, standardized bulk supply chain with huge energy savings. Our product cartridge achieves twice the product density of prepackaged, thereby requiring half the energy during shipping.