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Samsung Afterlife

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Spark-E
Designer: Stefan van der Hoff - Industrial Designer
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: Samsung Think Tank Team
Team Members: Stefan van der Hoff, Philipp Schoessler, Curt Aumiller, Hanna Fuhrmann, Cathy Kim, Daeeop Kim, Tara Sriram & Jiawei Zhang

On average, there are 1.7 unused phones per US household - unused, living in drawers, and hidden in boxes. They often have cracked screens, scratches, and old batteries – yet they are still functional. Sometimes they even hold emotional value. To add to the problem, only 15% of discarded phones in the US are recycled. Created by Samsung Research America’s Think Tank Team, Afterlife is a product concept that gives old devices a final purpose as beautiful artefacts. Afterlife is functional and timeless, and designed to be treasured forever. The Afterlife body is constructed out of a single piece of recycled plastic, with a recycled brass knob for additional input. The companion app allows the device to be switched between three delightful modes. The Endless Clock generates a new, unique clock face with every movement. Timeline displays a photo from your memories based on the position of the brass slider. Moment converts your photos into abstract art pieces, revealing the image in certain positions. Afterlife requires no additional sensors or devices to enable these interactions, as everything relies on the phone’s internal IMU sensor to detect position and orientation. Afterlife is also designed to work with any phone, regardless of size.