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Galleries // 2022 Spark:Fall/Winter Student // Seat for PBV with autonomous control of individual independence

Seat for PBV with autonomous control of individual independence


Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Taejun Yang
Design Type: Concept, Transportation & Mobility
Company / Organization / School: hongik university

In modern and contemporary society, where privacy and personal quarantine have become important, the sheet shape and design I would like to propose is a seat concept for self-driving PBV, which is designed as a key function to control the degree of exposure to privacy and quarantine through seat transformation.Users can adjust the degree of individual independence through the curved display of the seat, the back plate, the front and rear movement of the seat, rotation, and the like. The configuration of the seat is designed asymmetrically in consideration of the usability of the user.The shape of the seat including the armrest is asymmetrically formed so that the function can be concentrated in the right place. (For example, providing a corridor-side location for partitions that require quarantine and privacy protection) It also combined high technologies such as Shytech and flexible transparent displays to create a more seamless user experience.