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Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Linlin Liu
Design Type: Concept
Company / Organization / School: Tianjin University of Science and Technology
Team Members: Zebin Qiao , Huihui Qian , Tianlin Gu , Zihao Wu , Kaiyue Zhang , Yiran Ling , Jun Chen , Peixin Huang , Genghao Ma

The design is a mobile phone wireless charger to monitor the user's mood, inspired by the scale. At the same time of wireless charging, all kinds of information data sent and received by users in daily use of mobile phones are quantified and converted into different emotional values, which are indicated and displayed through the pointer, so as to facilitate users' observation and make further emotional regulation. It is a product for regulating emotions in the fast-paced life and office environment. The product adopts modular method, which can be carried and charged by lower and upper parts.