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Aesthetic Clinic Art Space


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: KE LUO
Design Type: Commercial Space

The simple shape of the facade is combined with dynamic color changes, which catches people's eyes. As the dominant element of the space, the concise arc is integrated with the internal space layout to form a rich and progressive space scene. The design of the central column of the store is optimized to make use of the available space. From the ceiling to the ground, multiple round size combinations reflect each other through the light. The space connecting the glasses sales area, VIP sales area and contact lens products sales area distinguishes the functional boundaries by color. The VIP area is golden and bright, and the wall is inlaid with metal brackets, with distinct edges and corners. In the public rest area on the second floor, the furniture is mainly in the color of Tianjin eye hospital VI, making the simple space more beautiful with quiet and comfortable.