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Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Yueh-Ju Chou
Design Type: Health & Medical
Company / Organization / School: Tunghai University
Team Members: Chou Yueh-Ju, Chien Yu-Chieh, Sun Yu-Chieh, Prof. Li Kai-Chu

Many oral diseases are caused by improper tooth cleaning, which will directly and permanently affect the quality of life. If you have periodontal disease, it will increase the probability of suffering from dementia by 10-14%, accelerate the degradation of dementia, and increase the difficulty of subsequent dental treatment. People often think that there should be no problem after cleaning, but they ignore that there are many details to pay attention to when cleaning teeth, and the plaque is transparent and invisible, so it is impossible to know whether it remains. When it becomes inflamed or turns into dental calculus, the condition of the teeth may have become serious. Therefore, we hope to start with oral care and cleaning monitoring, integrate smart technology needles, design tools for periodontal patients that can truly monitor the condition of teeth, record data and images, assist in preliminary self-examination and provide doctors with symptom confirmation, so as to achieve effective oral care and cleaning.